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“The Legal Funding Expert,” Author Aaron Winston, a trusted authority on pre-settlement funding. A writer. A pillar of truth.

Aaron is the industry leader who paved the way for Express Legal Funding to become the strong pre-settlement company it is today.

Author Aaron Winston

Aaron is a consumer advocate and empowers the consumer through education. Fact over fiction.
Aaron is a top expert and SEO author of website content: Pre-settlement funding companies, lawyers, and law firms.
Aaron has 10+ years of experience in the consumer finance sector.

His academic proficiency as an author is just a mere nuance of what makes Aaron R Winston the impactful search engine and content writer force for innovation and positive change that has awakened a complacent industry for the client’s well-being.

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Ethical Business Strategy

Aaron Winston’s innovative strategy and expertly authored content have built his vision of Express Legal Funding becoming one of the most distinct and potent legal finance brands in 2023.

Top Company to Watch in 2024

Aaron R Winston and Express Legal Funding are just beginning their ascent from an industry dark horse to a top legal finance industry leader. He is a positive force in helping consumers across the United States and across the world.

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Author Aaron Winston

Published author Aaron R. Winston

If you aren’t thinking big, you are thinking small.

Aaron Winston

Aaron Winston is an Author of a Published Book

Aaron Winston is a prolific author. In addition to his legal mind creating top blog posts, he authored a poetry book consisting of 35 unique canons in a poem format. He has become a notable author. His book, “A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid.: Canons of Conduct.” The hard copy (a paperback book) is affordably sold to readers nationwide in online stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Wal-Mart.

A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid. Canons of Conduct

Aaron Winston is the author of his debut poetry book, A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid. Canons of Conduct.

Aaron Winston: Book of Poetry

Readers can purchase Aaron’s first fictional autobiography book as both a paperback and an eBook from major online bookstores, including retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid. book front cover title

FAQs About Aaron Winston On His Official Website (Personal Brand)

Read the following frequently asked questions about the person, man, Aaron Winston.

Who is Aaron Winston?

Aaron Winston is the Strategy Director of Express Legal Funding. As “The Legal Funding Expert,” Aaron has more than ten years of experience in the consumer finance industry. Most of which was as a consultant to a top financial advisory firm, managing 400+ million USD in client wealth.

Aaron was born in Lubbock, TX, where he spent the first eight years of his life. Aaron attended Akiba Academy of Dallas, TX.

Aaron Winston earned his title “The Legal Funding Expert” through authoritative articles and blog posts about legal funding. His articles have been subject to peer review and, in the process, received great praise from top legal professionals and law firms.

Aaron first began his full-time career at Express Legal Funding in 2017 as CMO, assisting with Express Legal Funding’s marketing efforts, and has since devoted thousands of hours advocating for the consumer.

In addition, Aaron Winston is the author of A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid. Canons of Conduct, which is a book in poetry format. Aaron’s poem book is published by BookBaby for release in April 2023.

Alternate Name:

  • Aaron R. Winston
  • Aaron Richter Winston

Aaron Winston is “The Legal Funding Expert” because his integrity and care for learning the law bring light to crucial consumer rights and legal issues. He and Express Legal Funding offset misinformation and erroneous statements by doing the opposite.

Aaron is a trusted authority and author of expert blog posts about legal funding, which have succeeded in educating plaintiffs and their attorneys about the facts of what lawsuit funding is and why it is not a loan.

While still repeating the message that the money must be provided as recourse pre-settlement loans in some states and therefore are not risk-free.

He explained why these differences matter more than mere semantics and can directly impact each consumer’s financial future and quality of life.

He made a real impact and helped protect his readers by posting the facts to balance out the years of fiction.

Is Aaron Winston an author?

Yes, Aaron Winston is an author, and he has written a book and over 80 articles that have been posted on industry-leading blogs. Aaron’s book is

His website content is read by over 23,000 website visitors monthly. The total number of monthly readers is consistently growing.

Aaron writes his articles with his primary focus on his areas of expertise, which he has years of research and study.

Aaron R. Winston’s top subjects of writing and analysis include:

  • Pre-settlement funding
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google SEO
  • Personal injury claims
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Financial services
  • Internet research

Aaron Winston is the author of A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid. Canons of Conduct. It is a poetry book that consists of 35 original canons that Aaron created with an autobiographical theme.

  • Paperback ISBN: 1667888021
  • eBook: ISBN-13: 9781667888026

What is Aaron Winston’s job title?

Aaron Winston is the Strategy Director & “The Legal Funding Expert” of Express Legal Funding, a pre-settlement funding company based in Texas. He is also an author.

What is Aaron R Winston’s company?

The company Aaron Winston is known for is Express Legal Funding, a pre-settlement funding company based in Texas.

Aaron holds the position of Strategy Director and “The Legal Funding Expert” at Express Legal Funding.

How old is Aaron R Winston?

Aaron Winston is 33 years old. Aaron R Winston was born on May 19, 1991 (age 33).

Where was Aaron R Winston born?

Aaron Winston was born in Lubbock, Texas, on May 19, 1991 (age 33).

What is Aaron R Winston’s full birth name?

Aaron Winston’s full name is Aaron Richter Winston.

  • Given name: Aaron Richter
  • Family name: Winston

His father, David B Winston, and mother, Cindy Skibell-Winston, gave him the first name Aaron and the middle name Richter when Aaron was born on May 19, 1991 (age 31) in Lubbock, Texas.

His middle name is borrowed from the German surname Richter, which is German for Judge.

Aaron Winston Selfie

Aaron Winston Smiling Selfie
Selfie of Aaron Winston – Photo captured in December 2023 – Miami, Florida

More Aaron R Winston FAQs

Read other important info about Aaron Winston, like the preferred pronouns he wants to be addressed by and that he speaks and writes in English. Plus, get the details about the official website of Aaron R Winston. He’s the Strategy Director of Express Legal Funding, a pre-settlement funding company based in Texas.

What are Aaron R Winston’s preferred pronouns?

Aaron R Winston’s preferred pronouns are “male pronouns.”

Aaron’s preferred pronouns: He/His/Him.

What languages does Aaron Winston speak?

Aaron Winston speaks English with native language proficiency.

Aaron has a large and diverse vocabulary. According to the Grammarly software, he uses more unique words than 99% of Grammarly users.

What webpage is the Entity Home in SEO for Aaron R Winston?

This webpage About: Aaron R Winston is the official Entity Home in SEO for Aaron R Winston.

So Google and other search engine companies can use the official website information as the most authoritative source to know who Aaron R Winston is and define his unique entity.

That way, an Aaron R Winston person entity can be created and added to the Google Knowledge Graph for exact reference. Aaron manages his official About Page and Entity Home.

It links the most thorough amount of info to provide an accurate entity with Schema sameAs for Aaron R Winston. Sources like Wikidata and his verified Twitter media profile and author pages.

About: Aaron Winston [Video]

Aaron Winston – Who is the Author and Strategy Director?

Aaron Winston

Aaron R. Winston: Strategy Director & The Legal Funding Expert

Aaron Winston: Person of Integrity

Aaron finds a way to win while maintaining his integrity. He expects the best of himself and does not settle for good enough.

Strategy and Visionary

Aaron is not one to bluff. He gives you a heads-up. For him, life is not a game. Until the mighty stack the odds against him. Then he’s a Dark Horse that is more than ready to play.

Published Author of Expert Content

Aaron is a prolific author with over eighty posted articles on multiple websites. Some of his most-read articles are on attorney and law firm focus and plaintiff law topics, like class action lawsuits and pre-settlement funding. See Aaron Winston’s interview.

Head of SEO At KAP By Stef

Although significantly focused on his pre-settlement funding company, Aaron Winston is also Head of SEO for the KAPbyStef.com website. He works on providing unbiased written content to people interested in learning about the Kundalini Activation Path in Miami, Florida. He also manages the technical SEO on KAP by Stef’s website, which includes Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed.

Learn more about author and Strategy Director Aaron Winston’s family.

Aaron Winston Family FAQs

Read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about who the family of Aaron Winston is and the relatives that live throughout the United States.

Who is the father of Aaron R Winston?

David B. Winston is the father of Aaron. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a financial advisor with Lubbock and Dallas, TX, business locations.

David graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri (Mizzou) in Columbia, MO.

Who is the mother of Aaron R Winston?

Cindy Winston is the mother of Aaron Winston. She grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and worked for Arco International Oil and Gas after graduating from SMU summa cum laude.

Yes, Aaron Winston is related to the Haim rock band on his paternal side. He is a third cousin of the Haim sisters.

Does Aaron R Winston have any siblings?

Yes, Aaron Winston has one sibling, a younger brother named Jacob L. Winston. Aaron’s brother Jacob is a financial advisor and a part of their father, David B. Winston’s Texas-based wealth management advisory firm.

Yes, novelist Joseph Skibell is the uncle of author Aaron Winston.

Joseph Skibell and Aaron’s mother, Cynthia (Skibell) Winston, are brother and sister.

Yes, American author and reporter Arianna Skibell is the first cousin of Aaron Winston.

Arianna is an anchor for Politico’s Power Switch, where she covers climate and transportation and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Arianna Skibell’s father is novelist Joseph Skibell.

Aaron Winston Profiles on Social Media and Book Author Pages

Aaron R. Winston

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Aaron’s 2023 Profile Picture

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Aaron R Winston In the News

Aaron Winston has been featured in multiple news stories as an innovative business leader who has helped his company and industry grow over the past several years. Below are some of the most recent articles about Aaron and his company, Express Legal Funding.