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Aaron Winston: Leading Consumer Advocate. New Industry Leader.

Aaron Winston, Strategy Director and “The Legal Funding Expert” at Express Legal Funding, ardently supports the consumer’s well-being. He speaks up and demonstrates progress and success.

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Since the advent of e-commerce platforms, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act violations, in all likelihood, have continued to increase exponentially. Consumer education is a low-cost way to empower the consumer.

– Aaron R Winston

Aaron Winston

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Consumer Advocate FAQs

Read these frequently asked questions to learn about consumer rights advocacy and other important facts anyone who wants to be a consumer advocate should know.

Everyone can and should do their part to be a consumer advocate because everyone, in one way or another, is a consumer.

What is a consumer advocate?

A consumer advocate speaks out on consumers’ behalf and brings awareness to consumer rights and protections. Anyone can be a consumer advocate.

The actions themselves of promoting the rights and protections in the marketplace are what make someone a consumer advocate.

Who are well-known consumer rights activists?

Some of the more well-known and famous consumer advocates in US history:

There are dozens more consumer rights activists listed on the Wikipedia category page.

Why is Aaron R Winston a consumer advocate?

Author Aaron Winston is a consumer advocate because he researches consumer rights and protection laws. As Strategy Director at Express Legal Funding, Aaron uses his knowledge to empower consumers through education.

Aaron Winston is a consumer advocate because he researches consumer rights and protection laws. He uses his knowledge to empower consumers through education.

Aaron writes expertly written and peer-reviewed blog posts about consumer laws and continues to be outspoken against false statements about what legal funding is and what it is not.

His consistent efforts have made a difference in the consumer’s well-being and helped protect people from financial harm.

This took time and effort to actually look up laws and statutes for himself and not blindly accept what others with a conflict of interests told him to do.

No matter the level of a verbal threat, Aaron did not back down, and he is proud to fight for the truth. He was the first, and now he is not the last.

What is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act?

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is the federal law governing warranties on consumer products.

The Act defines warranties as falling under two general categories:

  1. Implied warranties
  2. Express warranties

What is an implied warranty?

According to United States law, an implied warranty is, at a bare minimum, a promise the law says sellers say every time they sell a consumer a product.

For example, if a store sells a customer a microwave, the implied warranty is that the microwave oven will work and perform all of the advertised functions of the microwave.

So if you were to buy the microwave and, after taking it home and trying to warm up your food, it does not turn on, the implied warranty enables you to return to the store for a replacement.

The Magnuson-Moss Act defines and governs implied warranties for consumer products.

What is an express warranty?

An express warranty is an explicit promise which is part of a sales transaction between a seller and a consumer. Express warranties are contracts that are entered either written or orally.

No one forces stores to offer express warranties, as they are voluntary promises.

Businesses often make these promises about the remedies for defective products for promotional reasons and to instill confidence in their products and brands.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act does not regulate express warranties if done orally. Both lifetime and limited lifetime guarantees are express warranties and fall under the Magnuson-Moss Act (When in writing.).

The number of rules applicable to express warranties is extensive, with many individually unique regulations for product makers and the stores that sell them.

Consumer Rights Should be Discussed

Aaron Winston hopes you found this an enlightening page about consumer rights and how you can be a consumer advocate by speaking up for the truth regarding laws and regulations in place to protect us as consumers. We are all consumers. If you are being advertised to, you are a consumer.

Empowering the Consumer Through Consumer Advocacy

It is vital to ask questions and learn the laws, which are easier to find than ever before, thanks to the internet. Utilize the official website to learn more. Aaron Winston wrote this resource as a consumer advocate introduction to make people aware and open their minds. Still, it is just the tip of the iceberg of helpful information you can learn about truth in advertising.