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Author and Strategy Director Aaron Winston and Express Legal Funding are clients of the 24/7 virtual receptionist and live website chat company

Aaron joined Maddy Martin, Senior Vice President of Growth at Smith, for an interview. They discussed Express Legal Funding and his experience as a client of the leading virtual receptionist company.

Aaron R Winston Client Testimonial Video Interview With

You can watch author Aaron Winston’s Interview with Maddy Martin, a leader at and an expert in law firm SEO and marketing.

He was Interviewed by Maddy Martin of

Maddy Martin is an experienced trendsetter who continues to become a prominent leader among tech companies and small businesses.

She further demonstrates that with her interview questions.

Watch the interview to hear what Maddy asks Aaron in the client testimonial and interview video. Client Testimonial: Aaron R. Winston of Express Legal Funding

Interviewee: Aaron R Winston

Strategy Director & “The Legal Funding Expert” at Express Legal Funding. Aaron Winston is the leading consumer advocate in the pre-settlement funding industry. He has been a happy client of since March 2021. Aaron is the author of A Word for the Wise. a Warning for the Stupid: Canons of Conduct.

Aaron Winston - client interview