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Aaron R. Winston, Strategy Director and “The Legal Funding Expert,” is a talented SEO writer and researcher. He uses these and many more of his writing talents in his original Express Legal Funding Blog authorship.

Aaron is a trusted and experienced copywriter with proven SEO success

Aaron has authored more than 80 blog posts, which are posted online today.

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What is the longest blog post Aaron R. Winston has written?

The longest blog post that Aaron R. Winston has ever written is “A Timeline of The Bill Cosby Accuser Lawsuits” for the Express Legal Funding website.

The article details the timeline and details behind each accusation made against Bill Cosby, the criminal lawsuits, and then his eventual freeing from prison.

What blog post did Aaron R. Winston find the most meaningful writing?

Aaron R. Winston felt the most sense of purpose in his writing “Lowest Cost Pre-settlement Funding: What You Should Know!” article for the Express Legal Funding blog.

Aaron identifies with the article’s consumer advocacy objective and message, both of which he is very passionate about.