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Arianna has covered the intersection of energy, environment and policy for close to a decade. Before anchoring Power Switch, she covered climate and transportation and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Arianna holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.” – Politico staff writer profile.

Arianna Skibell is also the first cousin to published author Aaron R Winston.

Arianna Skibell is a verified Muck Rack author and is a legacy verified Twitter Account.

Arianna is a staff writer for Politico and contributes articles frequently.

She is an experienced reporter with expertise in writing about the energy sector.

Arianna Skibell: News Reporter

Staff Writer at Politico

Arianna is a staff writer and covers the Power Switch newsletter at Politico. She reports on the political forces shaping the energy transformation.

E&E News Climatewire Reporter

Arianna has been reporting for several years about energy environment news for E&E News, a premium subscription journalism platform on environmental and energy issues.

Articles Published by Dozens of News Organizations

Arianna’s articles can be found across dozens of authority news websites and newspaper organizations across the internet.

Arianna Skibell and Her Husband, Ethan Foote

Arianna Skibell with her husband Ethan Foote

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Arianna Skibell FAQs:

You can read these FAQs to learn definitive information about Arianna Skibell. This information was gathered from both cited research and the author, Aaron R Winston’s, first-hand knowledge.

Family and Early Life

Who is Arianna Skibell?

Arianna is an American author and reporter who has been covering the intersection of energy, environment, and policy for close to a decade.

She is an anchor for Politico’s Power Switch, where she covers climate and transportation and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Arianna received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. She received her bachelor’s degree from Emory University.

Arianna is married to Ethan Foote, a bassist. They currently reside in North Carolina.

Who is Arianna Skibell’s father?

Arianna Skibell’s father is author and novelist Joseph Skibell.

Who is Arianna Skibell’s mother?

Barbara Freer-Skibell is mother to Arianna Skibell. Barbara is a descendant of the original Freer family going back to New Paltz, New York.

Is Arianna Skibell married?

Yes, Arianna Skibell is married to her husband, Ethan Foote, who is a bassist. The couple was married in April 2021 and now currently resides in North Carolina.

Who is the cousin of Arianna Skibell?

Author Aaron R Winston is the first cousin of Arianna Skibell.

Arianna’s father, Joseph Skibell, and Aaron Winston’s mother, Cindy Skibell-Winston, are siblings.

Where did Arianna Skibell live her early life as a child?

Arianna’s father, Joseph Skibell, moved his family multiple times for new teaching positions when she was a child.

Arianna lived in Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, and Madison, WI, before settling in Atlanta, Georgia, for the remainder of her childhood.

Is Arianna Skibell Jewish?

Yes, author Arianna Skibell is Jewish. Her husband, Ethan Foote, is also Jewish.

Career and Education

Is Arianna Skibell a staff writer for Politico?

Yes, reporter Arianna Skibell is a staff writer for Politico.

Is Arianna Skibell a reporter for E&E News?

Yes, Arianna Skibell is a reporter for E&E News. She covers energy and environmental policy news.

Where did Arianna Skibell graduate from college?

Arianna Skibell received a bachelor’s degree from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University (New York, NY).

What is Arianna Skibell’s job?

Arianna Skibell is a reporter, journalist, and author.

Did Arianna Skibell write for the Emory Wheel?

Yes, Arianna Skibell was Editor-in-Chief at the Emory Wheel. The Emory Wheel is the only independent student-run newspaper of Emory University.

About: Arianna Skibell

Arianna Skibell is more than just an experienced writer, reporter, and journalist.

Academic and Postgraduate Career

  • Emory University, bachelor’s degree (Atlanta, GA)
  • Columbia University School of Journalism, master’s degree (New York City, New York)

Staff Writer and Official Author Pages

Closing Statements About Arianna Freer Skibell

Aaron Winston hopes you found this a helpful guide to learn about who his first cousin and Politico and E&E News reporter Arianna Skibell is and what makes her unique. She is an experienced author and journalist and has covered energy, EV, and environmental topics.